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final_flames's Journal

I'm just your average nobody drifting here or there. ^-^

I guess I'll talk a bit more about myself. I'm a fujoshi whose a bit late in the doujinshi collecting game(something which I regret not having done earlier T-T, but money is the issue here). I love manga as well as doujinshi that are preferably yaoi/shouene ai/boy love. I'm not picky with art work for manga, and I can just about love any genre in manga be they shounen, romance, sports, horror, or yaoi, just as long as the story/plot is good and intriguing to me. As for doujinshi I'm picky because of all the extra cost that comes from importing X3

I love reading books as well. Online Slash, ebooks( but I prefer having the dead tree version), fanfiction, my love for mystery knows no bound and I especially love those who and how they did it types of murders. My all time favorite mystery author has got to be Agatha Christie. I just love reading, it's so enjoyable! I just admire all those who have the dedication to write and put it out there for all to see. Makes me want to start writing again but I'm so lazy and my creative juice seems to have dried up. I'm going to force myself to draw a webcomic one day as well, I admire you webcomic artists too!

I have a on and off affection towards my writings as well as my drawings. However, I draw more doodles than anything and my writing has been stagnant,so I really should start picking up on it soon just to see where I'm at.

One day hopefully, I will be able to translate Japanese.

I have nothing much to say, I'm a person of little words,though not shy it's just I don't talk much. And the words in my head are twirling around me forcing me to say this, there's a big orange elephant behind you eating your pajamas! Hmmm, that is to say you wear one but if you don't, be wary. Hehe. And the faceless medium that is the web makes my idiocy shine.

Oh and I have a zest passion towards adding onto my interests, probably because I don't recall all my interests and new ones keep popping up like these new mangakas and authors.