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So I've been addicted to a game app on my phone as of late.
And the game in question is...*drumroll*...Ayakashi Ghost Guild!!
Haha..., I never would have thought I would become so obsessed with it, though it's dying down to a more manageable level of fun instead of OMG I MUST ZOMBIE THRU THE NITE TO GET THIS CARD WHO NEEDS SLEEP HAHAHA!?! In fact I had initially planned to kind of pawn the app off to my brother to lure him away from this other game I got him into because I wanted to make someone else play with me keke XD Instead I'm the one hooked, who would have thought it.

Any hoot, the main reason I like it so much is because of all artwork you can try to collect. HEMISPHERE's artwork is just divine and Zoff's bishounens are just droolworthy. There are more illustrators, but those two come to mind more often cause I'm just 2 months in this game people. I really love the art, especially because it's so anime-ish and the different illustrators with their different techniques of drawing! The mechanics of the game are simple enough, 3 types that act like rock, paper, scissor with their type advantage with Anima > Divina > Phantom > Anima in which you use a team of 5 cards (of your choosing, of any type) to battle against other people and to defend against them. Fusing cards to level them up, and skills that are pretty straightforward,and a story mode. While that sounds boring there's more to the game then just that, though the main focus I would say would be the events. The part that most people look forward to are the events! Tower, Solo Conquest, Guild Conquest, Sealstone, Soul Gem are events with cards given after you reach a certain level of the event. And the higher the level you go the better the reward!! There's even ranking prizes.

And like any game out there you can use money to obviously give you an advantage both in events and in order to get better cards. I have had momentary lapse of judgment where I wanted to spend but I'm glad my usual 'all talk but no action' self didn't, though maybe if I get to a high enough level.... I don't know people. But you can play as a free player, just stick to it and stock up on items given to you everyday and anyone can make it. You just have to be extremely patient. Oh and you can get free gold(which is their currency equivalent of real money), so it's not like you're limited to only using real money to buy gold. Just choose the apps on the list wisely.

I'm enjoying the game, hope I'll stick with it for a long time. If interested in Ayakashi Ghost Guild you should try the game first because reading about the game doesn't do you squat until you actually play it.

Have a nice day|ω・)
A bit late but check this out and then change your passwords for these sites or heck do spring cleaning and change all your passwords like we're "suppose" to every 3 months or so.

Here are all the passwords you need to change right now because of Heartbleed


Apr. 15th, 2014

Going back to school....what?!? Why would you submit yourself to torture again gurl?
Because my major is worth shit in my eyes(though not in those in a business) and I wanted to go into a different field altogether, yay!

So yeah, that's my life starting now. Well thanks life for giving me a direction I wanted to head after going through 4 years of college...thanks...better late than never right.

I've been a productive bum for the past 3 months I think, working for a month, then volunteering a bit for the rest... well toots to anyone that may have stumble onto here. I've been busy translating a novel lately that I just got hooked on, no time for anything except for that now. Take care people, I am fortunate enough to have a caring mother that truly cares about me to actually let me go bumming about and to go back to school even if she has a roundabout way of showing it. Thank you mom, you're the best, I luv you and... eww did those greasy ass words come out of my mouth, I'ma cut it short and wash it. I don't come from an affectionate family as you can see... er read. And I know not everyone is as fortunate enough to have what I have, and I'm not flaunting or bragging about it because I hate doing that. But my mom deserves some recognition even if it's on a small post on me blog. I probably will not say this to her for many years!
But stay strong everyone! You'll make it through, stay with your true friends and you can laugh in those faces that scoffed at you when you make it!

Good day. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


A bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Year of the Horse!

May we all be in good health!

May we all be prosperous in this new year!

May we all have riches flow into our lives!

May we all be happy!

And may all the bad things be driven away!
So here's something to be aware about if you use the internet which I think translates to possibly anybody who uses the computer.

Net neutrality is dead. as of January 14, 2013.

I'll try to explain but I'll put in a link that will do a better job of explaining it at the bottom.

Basically under net neutrality, each Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have to treat all the sites and content you access in the same fair way, with the same speed and in no way allowed to slow down other ISPs speed. All is equal.

However since net neutrality is dead now, it will mean several things can/will change.
-ISPs can now speed up the loading time to those sites they like and slow down those they dislike.
-ISPs can force websites to pay to deliver their contents faster = faster loading time.
-With net neutrality dead, smaller sites will get screwed over since they'll likely to suffer from the slower content delivery.
-Specific types of online traffic, like Netflix, may not work like it use to because the ISPs can discriminate which sites to block or slow down.
- ISPs can make more money without improving the Internet.

Here you can read about it in more details.
Crediting http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/14/net-neutrality_n_4597831.html for the information.

And here is also a petition to "Restore Net Neutrality" on Whitehouse.gov that needs 100,000 by February 14, 2014:

This is sickening to me. All I see are companies out to make more money and doing whatever it takes to accomplish that even by screwing over the people. And that's not all, look at it in a different light, look at how much power they have if they direct control over what information we can access. Add in the politics and I see a lot of us being blindsided. So please sign and bring more awareness to net neutrality.

Good day.

Added Note:
credited to shycustis (Though this comment on their tumblr is gone, check out their amazing works of art if you want)

Why should someone outside the US care? What passes in one industrialised nation gives companies and politicians more leverage to pass similar laws in their own.

Having this sort of discrimination in the hands of companies has political consequences in addition to the ones mentioned above. Think of the influence these ISPs would have if allowed to keep these powers? Any ISP with a political bias, or influenced by a political party, would have the power to direct access to information on the internet at their will.

Everything has it's various sides, nothing is clearly black and white, there's always a mix of grey floating about.

As seen from the sharing of the manga, it's good to have varying points of views because I would never have thought of this in the first place. I stumbled upon it when I clicked on an announcement on Kisha's club since comm either have been cracking down or just closing. It all comes down to basic reason of how scanlation or at least yaoi scanlation came to be. You love that particular mangaka's work so much that you wish to share their works with others, hopefully as a way to promote them and make more fans.

I'm not going to bash or praise anybody. Rules that the comm have in put in place should still be followed.

I just hope at the end of the road, you fellow fangirls and fanboys decide to support your favorite mangaka by purchasing their works whether they've been translated or are in all their raw Japanese glory. Please support the artists when you can!

Good day ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Jan. 15th, 2014

Is it sad... Yes really sad, this new year sure is off to a bad start. (꒪⌓꒪)

Scanlations meant for members from communities being shared. There's no need for the why question, it's so obvious, they want others to be able to read it. However, they're doing more harm than good by distributing it. Everyone in the yaoi niche will be affected, more stringent requirements to join comm, mostly innocent readers being kicked out because you think you're helping when in fact you're doing more harm. And contributing to the reason as to why comm are closing or shutting down or increasing the difficulty in joining that probably effected these "sharers" in the first place.

Some scanlations groups put the no sharing policy for a reason, so third party reading sites don't make any profit off their hard work they've put in for free. Of course they may have completely different reasons for the no share policy, one being they don't want any unwanted attention, or the forbidden L is amongst their collection, or they just don't want it out there, and so forth. I don't see this type of incident ever coming to a stop, maybe a period of inactivity, but there's always going to be a person that doesn't give a dam or want to feel like the martyr in sharing these goodies meant for comm members.

Solution? Yes there's one I can think of, but one that I would hate to come to pass because it's essentially no more scanlations for anyone period for the comm at least. Can't share what doesn't exist right? But of course that means I will have to learn Japanese myself, which I'm all for it cause I wanted to translate Japanese at one point but that's not here or there. I need to focus.

Another sad titbit (SKIP if you want it's about Kpop) Nicole is leaving KARA. That's a fact now. Nooo, my super bias in kpop, oh well I will support whatever you do do whether that's becoming a ordinary citizen or going back in the limelight as a solo or group after training. It's her life, she's allowed to do whatever she wants with it and if that means leaving DSP because of their differences or the lack of her solo activities or whatever assumptions we put out there then so be it. But that also means she's leaving KARA and the fans. Sad but nothing is forever.

Why do I talk about small stuff even things you don't give a dam about. Because I can and cause I'm simple minded. I mean I can talk about the news and what's going in the world but as you can see from my posts I'm not analytical or critical so no amazing analysis detailing the latest story about the man that shot someone to death over an argument over texting. Here's that story if you want to read it

Nothing much, now I hope for my real physical wounds to heal and then with an able body look for a job.

Good Night. (☉_☉)


Happy New Year Everybody!
The year 2014 is upon us, yeah!
And with that I have graduated from college, but I have yet to find work...
So I'm volunteering for the time being I guess.

With this new year, I hope everyone has a good year ahead of them! With many riches, health, happiness to come and more yaoi for eyes to see ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


Oct. 15th, 2013


I really have nothing to say but this, taxes are horribly complicated. WHY SO COMPLICATED!?!

That is all

Not reallyCollapse )


Been a while since I've written something...

As for the treat..., one scan should sate your curiosity, I'll get cracking right now.

ATTENTION (Here's the real reason I'm posting) :
I would love to recommend an awesome show for mystery lovers. And if you aren't, maybe you will be after watching this drama. It's simply amazing to watch because you get just the right amount of suspense, twist and plot that makes for a brilliant mystery show. It leaves you guessing and second guessing yourself and possibly shocked at the outcome. It's just the ideal thriller/mystery show one could ever hope for. Other whodunit can take a few pointers from it. Although it's a bit gruesome in concerns to how some of the murdered victims died in season 1. Gore and sharp, pointy weapons have been censored with a mosaic blur in season 2.

It's called....*drumroll*.... Special Affairs Team TEN!
Koreans sure know how to make a show, just love them to death. While it's in Korean, there are English subs out there, it's even in Hulu under the title Ten.

Here's the offical descriptionCollapse )

This description doesn't do justice to hook you in, but I can vouch for you that the 4 characters are well rounded. Or maybe I'm being biased? Oh well, it's the plot and each stories that makes it work, at least the characters have a bit of background to them.

It's taken the top spot to become my #1 favorite mystery show, move aside BBC Sherlock (at least until season 3 comes out, then you can share that spot with Ten.)

I'm just thankful there's a season 2, so I can get my fix. I feel for those who watched it when it first came out, S1ep10(final ep) was one hell of a cliffhanger, I never would have survived waiting for a year for the continual XD

Now here's to hoping more season will come. Possibly forever (─‿‿─)

Happy watching!!